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Wireless Camera | Header Image Excellent for monitoring your property and home with high quality images

“A wide range of wireless cameras for me to choose from…”

Outdoor IP Camera Alarm - 30m Night vision

Wireless IP home day/night HD motion detection cameras with APP and E-mail notification software installed. DIY surveillance made easy.

Pan / Tilt IP Cameras | WIP-002 wireless with additional sensor adding technology


Live monitoring on your phone, home surveillance camera do recording to PC hard disk, ftp and motion detection. Detect movement and send E-mail in MJPEG compression. View on your phone wireless or RJ45 connected cameras on one LAN network at once. Use the Internet for live monitoring.

APP software is needed to be installed on your Phone. Software installed to run on camera.

Detect movement and send E-mail in MJPEG compression. Record movement on your hard disk. Add wireless indoor and outdoor sensors to this camera for alarm notification push to your phone.

WIP-004 is a fixed camera which means it can remotely via software or APP be viewed to monitor a large area. The high definition image and video streaming makes this camera ideal for monitoring staff and pay stations. It can be mounted on a table, wall or ceiling of the monitored area. Permanent recording or motion detection recording can be set on the software installed on the camera and APP on your phone. Nanny camera operation is ideal for this high definition image resolution outdoor camera.

WIP Series - HD Wi-Fi, Wireless IP Cameras and alarm for home, High definition best image quality security surveillance home alarm system. These wireless CCTV cameras for home connect to the WiFi IP network on 150Meg bandwidth. Install the home cameras with easy DIY QR Code scan and add sensors to the software embedded on the camera.

Connect your Android device system to view live streaming and recording in high definition. When motion is detected on the camera system or sensors, it will record data on the on-board TF card(cards not included) or PC hard disk drive system. Continuous recording can also be done with setting changes on the APP and CMS software installed on the camera.

All IP cameras will connect to a Wi-Fi router wireless, which can be setup to do live surveillance from any IP device for example a Smart Phone, Smart TV, Tablet, PC or Laptop computer.

The WIP outdoor security cameras for home, WIP-004 also allow for 433Mhz frequency, to add additional wireless sensors to protect your family, home and property against fire and intrusion the best. Sensors for home like door contacts, Passive Infrared motion sensors, smoke and fire sensors, gas leak sensors, panic etc. can be linked to the camera for the best protection at home or business.

The IP HD CCTV home alarm cameras allow for 30m night vision with the built-in LED lights. These wireless cameras for home can be installed indoor or outdoor for the best protection and surveillance at your business and home. The outdoor home alarm cameras can be used for monitoring hall ways, rooms, safes, fridges and all different kind of solutions required like for example a Nanny Cam. The home alarm outdoor IP cameras can also be used indoor or outdoor to monitor intrusion of unwanted guests or just simple monitoring of animal safety and health at home, for example feed.

This is a cost effective solution is the best to protect, monitor and survey all possible areas around your business and home, farm and other properties. With a Internet connection on the property or home where the cameras will be installed, the operator can do live monitoring and image streaming to any other device in the world also connected to the Internet. We made sure that the DIY (Do It Yourself) option is easy to use and smooth to setup for immediate use to connect the home alarm surveillance system.

All packages include the necessary cables, connectors, brackets, user manuals and power supplies needed to get the project started at home. TF cards not included. For any additional network design, installations and setup of your wireless alarm cameras at your premises or home, we can quote.

Our dedicated sales and technical team can also design and quote on external power supply options, using Solar Power and battery back-up. The system can be designed to add any amount of electronic devices to the external off-grid solar power supply.

Thank you for choosing our product range and services. We strive to be the best in service, after sales support and product quality.