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Wireless camera solutions indoor and outdoor - CCTV

Browse through the different wireless camera solutions to find the products that suit your security and monitoring needs and buy online.

Alternatively, get in contact with us and we will be sure to assist you in determining which wireless security cameras would be best for you!

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“Stockist's of top-quality wireless camera equipment…”

Routers & Boosters

Routers and boosters from Wireless Camera allow you to extend your wireless surveillance network beyond the standard range offered by the equipment.

NWIP- MJPEG/H.264 Series

Our security CCTV cameras South Africa use wireless WiFi on 802.11b/g/n (150Mbps). Data is compressed in MJPEG and/or H.264 compression video streaming format. Included pre-installed control management software to do motion detection. Data is stored on your PC Hard Disk Drive. H.264 compression allow for MegaPixel images and SD card recording options.

IST- H.264 Series

Our security IP CCTV use wireless WiFi on 802.11b/g/n (150Mbps) Data is compressed in MJPEG/H.264 compression video streaming format. Wireless CCTV Cameras include pre-installed control management software to do motion detection. Data is stored on your PC Hard Disk Drive. Intelligent PC software included. Face detection. Missing object detection and more....

Solar Power Solutions

Solar Power Solutions Wireless Cameras enable you to set up the perfect battery powered network where electricity is not available.


The range of 3G IP indoor and outdoor cameras include features such as 10-50m Night Vision, movement detectiontion. Protect a wide area of up to 50m at night. Excellent high profile cameras for factory and open area protection. Install these 3G IP cameras with solar power solutions in the field or farm, where power is not available.

PTZIP-Series Cameras

Our security IP cameras use wireless WiFi on 802.11b/g/n (150Mbps) or RJ45 Cat5 Data cable. Compressed in MJPEG and/or H.264 video streaming format. Included pre-installed control management software to do motion detection. Data is stored on your PC Hard Disk Drive and/or SD card. Pan, Tilt and Zoom options available.

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This user-friendly security investment will allow you to have security eyes behind your back. Wireless Indoor and Outdoor IP Camera security technology CCTV WiFi cameras for home and business surveillance, integrated with motion detection, DynDNS, FTP and E-Mail alert. Live monitoring over the Internet, security anywhere in the world. No more cables to your extensions. Motion detected will also be recorded to your PC.

The security product range we keep in stock is excellent video quality starting at 720P, 1 Megapixel High definition with infrared LED lights built-in for various night vision security options. Our range start with the indoor motion detection recording functions to record video or snap shot pictures to the on board TF card(cards not included) or your PC which is connected to the same network. The outdoor security range is IP66 weather proof rated. This mean that the housing can also be used at the coast for example Cape Town. The outdoor security range consist of fixed and Pan, Tilt and Zoom options for various projects outdoor.

Place or install the wireless indoor or outdoor camera somewhere in your garden, home or office where security monitoring is needed. When movement is detected the wireless IP cameras will start taking photo's and video's storing the data on your computer. Live video feed to your PC or Smart phone will allow you to see the intruder. With ADSL Internet access you can set the camera up to send e-mail to your phone with images recorded or log on live over the Internet. Uncapped ADSL and H.264 compression technology is the most cost effective solution to view over the Internet.

We also offer a network design service where we will design your IP network for all your PC’s and security cameras on the Wi-Fi network at your premises. This design will ensure good signal strength and a reliable security solution.

Our security products are pre-tested and quality assured. All products in stock.

Visit our office and walk-in store in Clubview, Centurion, next to Swartkop Country Club in Centurion, Clubview, Gauteng.

Many customers ask how does H.264 compression work?

H.264 compression is used in video compression to save hard disk drive space on your recording device. Normal MJPEG compression will transmit all data that it sees on a image to be recorded as a file. The trees in the back ground, the fence, the road and so on, will be transmitted on MJPEG compression. H.264 compression on the other hand, will send you the first image with the trees, fence and road. Then no data will be transmitted if there is no new pixel changes on the image. When an object then move over the screen area, the H.264 compression protocol will only send the new pixel changes of the image that moved over the screen area. Thus the trees, fence and road will not be send again as their was no change in the image pixel. This H.264 compression save allot of recording space and also lower the Wi-Fi bandwidth usage. More security IP devices can be installed on one Wi-Fi network using compression with H.264 technology.

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Night vision internet security solution with LED lights
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